Alpha Game Site Launch

Posted: 05-15-2018

We are happy today to launch the Alpha version of the Mafia Wars game at The alpha version of the game include families, players, and crews, with the ability to edit profiles, as well as view detailed information on game performance. In addition we are now accepting user card submissions, which allows artists to create artwork and game cards and submit them for consideration for inclusion in the game. We also have given existing asset owners the ability to edit information about their card or artwork, including name, description, game categories, as well as card statistics.

We are working on a number of improvements for the upcoming beta game release. For now please check out some of the features of the Alpha game release including:

Family Profiles

The game includes profiles on each of the 5 families including a list of all family members, crews, territories, detailed statistics on each families performance, as well as all cards held by family members.

Player Profiles

Each player in the game has a player profile which they can personalize with their own information including name, description, profile image, and background image. 

On the edit player profile page players are presented with a form which they can use to edit their profile information, as well as upload a profile picture and a background picture, similar to Twitter. 

When a player is done editing their profile they also need to provide a signed message in order to prove that they are the rightful owners of the address. Message signing can currently be done in most of the Counterparty wallets. We also have plans to automate the message signature process even more in the future by integrating non-custodial counterparty wallet into the game site.

Card Profiles

Each card in the game has a profile which lists off information about the card including name, description, supply, holders, card categories, as well as game statistics and price information in MAFIACASH, PEPECASH, and XCP. We also plan to have the Buy, Sell, Send, and Gift card functionality available soon.

Card creators are also able to edit their card information by clicking the 'Edit' button on the card profile page.  The card creator is then presented with a form which they can use to edit their card information. Just like with the player profiles, the card creator will need to provide a signed message in order to prove that they are the rightful creators of the card.

Crews / Gangs

Crews are groups of players in the same family who have decided to work together. All players can join a crew, but only players rank Caporegime and above may also create crews. 

The Shopping Mall

The Shopping Mall is a place to buy game cards that have been categorized as legal, such as artwork, fashion, electronics, properties, tools, vehicles, and more.

The Black Market

The Black Market is a place to buy game cards that have been categorized as illegal, such as Businesses, Staff, Drugs, Weapons, and more.


Territories acts as the game board in Mafia Wars. A players territory takes up an amount of space proportional to the amount of the family token they hold. Once placed, no other player can be placed in that same location. We intend to expand the role of the game board in the game as the community grows and the game progresses.


The Distributions page is where players can go to view the monthly distribution information, including family performance, total amount distributed, and links to view the MAFIACASH reward token distributions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Submit a Card

Artists are now able to submit their card artwork for consideration for inclusion in the game. We have setup a card submission page which lays out the process and guidelines for submitting a card. Once a card is approved it will instantly be playable in the MafiaWars Game and visible on the MafiaWars site.

In addition, we have provided a card template in a layered photoshop document (PSD) to make the process of creating a card even easier.

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