Posted: 08-15-2018

Today the Mafia Wars team is pleased to announce that crimes have been integrated into the game. In the game heat is an indicator of law enforcements awareness of criminal activities and can only be removed by certain staff (Hacker, Lawyer, Judge, Law Enforcement, Cleaner). Heat which is not removed will now result in a player getting additional charges added to their criminal record on the 1st day of the month. 

Crimes are generated for individual players and can now be viewed on the player, crew, and family pages. 

Staff & Business Profiles

The game has also been updated with Business and Staff profiles which make it much easier to view how the card is peforming in the game. The profile pages show information such as the quantity of the card held, what player, crew, and family the card works for, as well as a list of the criminal charges for the card.