Game Leaderboards

Posted: 06-26-2018

In preparation for the first MAFIACASH distribution coming up in just a few days, the Mafia Wars team is happy to announce the launch of the game leaderboards which are now available at Players can now view their performance information and how they stack up against other players in the game. In addition to the player leaderboards, we have also added crew and family leaderboards to make understanding how crews and families rank against one another easier. The leaderboards also comes with a 'Category' dropdown which you can use to view the various leaderboards including:

  • Income per day
  • Upkeep per day
  • Profit per day
  • Heat per day
  • Stockpile Size
  • Properties Owned
  • Staff Employed
  • Businesses owned
  • Crimes Commited
  • Attack Strength
  • Defense Strength
  • Most MAFIACASH Held
  • Most MAFIACASH Earned
  • Most Fights Won (coming soon)
  • Most Fights Lost  (coming soon)


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