MAFIACASH Distribution #39

Posted: 09-01-2021

The 39th MAFIACASH rewards distribution has been completed and all players of the game have been rewarded with MAFIACASH.

This month the BONANNO family moved up to the #1 performing family, followed by the GENOVESE, COLOMBO, LUCCHESE, and GAMBINO families.

The BONANNO family is in the #1 position this month, increasing their profit 19.3% adding $1.1 million in additional profit this month!

The COLOMBO family is #2 this month, increasing profits by 7.46%, adding $8.4 million to their monthly profits.

The GAMBINO family is in the #3 position this month, decreasing profits by 0.16%, losing $113k from their monthly profits.

The LUCCHESE family is in the #4 position this month and their profit decreased 1%, losing $373k from monthly profits.

The GENOVESE family is #5 this month, and decreasing profits by 2.53%, losing $373k from monthly profits.

  1. The BONANNO family earned 3,547,500.00000000 MAFIACASH
  2. The COLOMBO family earned 3,465,000.00000000 MAFIACASH
  3. The GAMBINO family earned 3,382,500.00000000 MAFIACASH
  4. The LUCCHESE family earned 3,135,000.00000000 MAFIACASH
  5. The GENOVESE family earned 2,970,000.00000000 MAFIACASH

If you would like to view additional information about this rewards distribution, just head over to our distributions page.

The Mafia Wars team would like to wish all players luck in next months MAFIACASH reward distribution, and remind players that the best way to grow your family is to purchase game cards which you like from The Shopping Mall or The Black Market. As your empire grows, so will your families performance and monthly rewards distribution.

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