Mafia Wars Card Design Contest
Mafia Wars is hosting a design contest with prizes totaling over
200,000+ MAFIACASH!
Every contestant who submits an approved card design will receive 5,000 MAFIACASH!

Artists, graphical designers, and meme creators are encouraged to create custom mafia-themed artwork and designs for inclusion in the Mafia Wars game. The contest starts on June 5th and ends on August 1st, when the winners will be announced. Big prizes will be rewarded for the top 3 designs chosen by The Commission.

This contest is a great opportunity for any artists that are looking to learn more about rare digital artwork and blockchain technologies. Contestants will learn the process behind creating a piece of rare digital artwork on the Bitcoin blockchain using the Counterparty platform, and earn some free MAFIACASH in the process. To learn more about the card submission rules and guidelines, get a simple tutorial, or download a card template (PSD) file, visit our card submission page.

During the contest no MAFIACASH burn is required to submit a card for inclusion in the game. All game cards submitted before June 5th are also included in this contest. Multiple submissions are allowed.

The design contest has ended and the winners are listed below
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Winners Prizes
1st Place 100,000 MAFIACASH
2nd Place 50,000 MAFIACASH
3rd Place 25,000 MAFIACASH
All Approved Cards 5,000 MAFIACASH
Contest Winners
1st Place Winner
2nd Place Winner
3rd Place Winner